How to master the work/life balance

Work/Life balance.

What is that?

It can be such a simple concept for a person who is aware of their needs and delegates the time to separate the two.  It’s not as easy if you’re working full time, if you’re a full time parent, have other responsibilities all while trying to also give your passion project/small business full time attention!  For example, I’m a full time therapist, a full time single mom and trying to dedicate full time hours to my small business, Centered Scents.  It feels like most of the day I’m focused externally, taking care of or providing support to others and not really getting the opportunity to focus on my passion project because my reality takes up most of the day.  And let’s be honest, the majority of us small business owners have to keep full time jobs while building our passion projects because we need to secure financially stability for our livelihoods before we can responsibly dive head first into making our small business our full time reality.  By the time the hour comes that I can spend working on an upcoming vending event, or updating social media posts for the next day, I’m exhausted, tense and feel like a chicken with my head cut off!  I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way, right?!

The first thing I realized I needed to do to manage this work/life, reality/passion balance is to organize my priorities not just daily but by setting weekly goals.

It takes time

No one tells you the amount of hours it takes weekly to develop and maintain social media interactions and relationships through posts, direct engagement, thinking and drafting what to say and the intention behind it.   I mean, I could go on and on.  Then there’s writing and drafting content for updating your website with new products and handling orders because they are so important to the profit of your business.  If you’re vending in person at events in the community that also requires a lot of time investment because you see the importance of building your community following and awareness of your brand.

Get your priorities straight

So how do you manage your priorities?

Lists, lists, lists!  There is nothing that organizes what needs to be done more clearly than a list.  You can see it, you can prioritize what has importance and not and let’s be honest, there is nothing more gratifying than being able to check/cross off what you have done.  Making these lists is more than just documenting what you need to get done, it shows you the small successes you are accomplishing along the way and reminds you that there are fruits to your labor.

Next is self-care.  Self care is what you choose to do that nourishes your mind, body and spirit so that you are able to take on and handle the responsibilities of your very busy life.  Self-care can be any and everything from exercise to treating yourself to that cup of tea at your favorite place, reading a book to temporarily distract your mind from what needs to be done and even meditating to release stress and center yourself.  If you are not well, you are not able to function and be productive.  If time constraints and worry about time management has you down, schedule your self-care time. I wake up at 5:30 a.m. to start my day with yoga so that my cup is full before I start pouring it out as the day goes on.  This is just something that seems to work for me and hopefully you can find the time that works for you.

Relationships are key

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain and develop your personal relationships not just online for your business but with your significant other, friends and family.  They are the people who love and support you and that you lean on when you need that push of encouragement.   They are worthy of your time and deserve to be prioritized as well.  One thing that I have noticed transitioning from my reality work to my home life is that I need to take a break to be mindful of what I am feeling.  What I mean by being mindful, is awareness.  If you’re stressed, take the time you need before transitioning into your parental or partner role.  It will make a world of difference in your interactions and the quality of time you give to everything you do.

I hope these tips for balancing your work and personal life are helpful.  Just remember you’re not alone and the struggle is something that we all go and grow through in our own ways.

This post was written by Veronica Munguia, Centered Scents.

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