Raggz & Relics – Uncovering the past through Genealogy

Vintage and Genealogy, two of my favourite things! I’m Tracy Malesky, Putnam Vintage Curator and Genealogist, from Raggz and Relics inviting you take a glimpse into my world.
Like most Etsyians my shop was started and grew from my passions, and those passions were born at a very young age. I grew up surrounded by Antiques, both objects and people, and early on learned to appreciate their stories and value. Summers spent among the elders of my tribe listening to their tales lead to an obsession to know more.


I knew that the set of Bavarian China in my Grandmothers hutch, once belonged to HER Grandmother, as did the hutch. I found myself needing to know who Grammy’s grandmother’s grandmother was. At a very young age I knew who I was and how I fit in to the family.

Who’s to say if the family stories made the love of antiques bloom, or if it was the other way around. Whichever, I was left with a drive to pursue both. I spent my twenties collecting, china, dolls, bears, crockery, old jewellery, depression glass, whatever caught my fancy. I became addicted to the hunt and filled my home until it was bursting at the seams. And then along comes the World Wide Web, suddenly people could  “go” anywhere, share anything, meet anyone, all without leaving your own little world.

Family Tree2

Genealogy, became an instant draw and major hit on the good old internet, and people quickly began sharing family information with folks they had never met before. Genealogy and History projects dedicated to documenting and preserving history soon had a louder voice and wider reach and I was right smack dab in the middle of it all. I had found my calling. My analytical mind excelled at reviewing old documents, following the clues they gave became second nature and weaving together their stories became my purpose. Sharing what I had found led me to learn website and graphic design and eventually to help organize and found a local Genealogical Society.


Fast forwarding 20+ years finds me working to live my passions every day.  Raggz and Relics offers a Magnificent Medley of Miscellanea from lovingly curated Vintage objects, to gifts specifically designed for the Genealogy addicted, to Genealogical Research packages that can be custom designed to fit any need including reviewing your DNA test results and incorporating them into your family research. After all, how more personal a gift can you give or receive than YOUR family’s history.

So why not take a step into my world and take a look around, enjoy a virtual cup of tea from one of my vintage tea pots, and let me help you turn over the stones in your history, tend to your roots and grow your own Family Tree.

Just to thank you for your time and interest I am offering a special summer long 20% discount to Etsy Original followers on any shop offerings not already marked down. Just use coupon code ORIGINALS at check out through 08/31/2018. See ya Soon!


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