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Welcome to Shop Stories! In this series of weekly blog posts Etsy Originals will be quizzing some of the most talented & famous small shop owners and Instagram super stars to find out exactly what makes them tick. Make sure you follow this blog to ensure you never miss out!

This week’s shop story comes from Lore.Illustration. Lore has been selling on Etsy since 2015, and with over 30,000 active followers on Instagram – she knows a thing or two about illustration!  Today, you’ll find out how she got started, what inspires her, as well as her top tips for all you budding illustrators out there. So take note. Let’s begin!

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Hi Lore, thanks for being on Etsy Originals! Why don’t you start by introducing yourself and telling us a little about what you do?

Hi there! I’m Lore, the person behind Lore.illustration. I enjoy being creative and creating art. That’s why I decided to be an illustrator. Two years ago I started taking illustrating more seriously. I started posting a picture of my art on my Instagram page almost every day. It was a slow process, but my followers started growing gradually. I opened an Etsy Shop because people started asking me if they could buy my illustrations. Now I’m proud to say I’m a freelance illustrator who works from home!

I loved the idea of drawing for a living, and now this is possible thanks to all the people supporting me and encouraging me to keep working on my art. I still have a long journey ahead of me, a lot of work to do and a dream to fulfill. But I learned that I can only get there working hard and by never giving up. I have a degree in Fine Arts from Universitat Politecnica in Valencia, Spain. I always liked to draw but I never imagined that I could do it for a living. It was also a difficult choice, since I like to be creative in many ways, such as photography or concept art. However, in the last year of university I fell in love with illustration from seeing the work of other talented illustrators. From that moment I decided to do illustration as my art of choice.


Octopus & Sharks Art Posters in Watercolour


Where do you get your inspiration? 

My inspiration comes from nature. I can’t believe how many different species of animals and plants with different colors, forms, textures and sizes there are on this planet! I think I discovered my love for the ocean when I was making a whale commission. I just enjoyed it so much! Since then I felt drawn to painting ocean species for my personal projects. I can spend days just searching for reference pictures online. The ocean and the deep sea scares me, but at the same time I feel drawn to it. It’s a strange feeling. I also get inspired by all the other artists that are out there. I follow lots of illustrators, makers and awesome photographers on Instagram. If one day I can’t find motivation, I only have to see their work and that helps me to want to do things myself.

Awesome! What about your creative process? Tell us about that. 

I really enjoy the process of illustrating. I have so much fun with using watercolors and creating shapes and lines on the page.  I first draw with the pencil, but it makes me feel so free and creative when I start adding colour and life to my sketches. I also love doing the packaging of my custom commissions or orders. I like to wrap them with a loop of rope, add a stamp to the paper and personalize them…in brief making a pretty package!

What advice would you give to new illustrators? 

My advice is to draw a lot, never stop practicing and to try different techniques until you found one you feel comfortable with and enjoy. Just because someone taught you how to do it one way, it doesn’t mean you have to do it just like that forever. Experiment by yourself with the watercolors or any technique until you fell comfortable with it. At the end of the day, it’s only a tool you use to express yourself, so make it yours.


Work in progress

For those that don’t know you, how can they follow your work? 

I try to have a big presence on Instagram, posting every single day. You can find me under my username: Loreillustration. Part of my work is making pictures of my drawings and products so I can share my projects, work in progress as well as the final results with all of you. That’s how you get to know me and my work best!

I also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that you can follow too.

If you’d like to purchase any of my work you can do so on my Etsy Shop. You can get prints, original illustrations, stationary and more. And you can even contact me directly for a custom order where you can get a personalized illustration made just for you.

Thank you for reading my story! For any information or other custom orders you can contact me though my email:



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